Garage48 Finals in Tallinn
Garage48 is the boot-camp initiative to build new web and mobile services in just 48 hours. Garage48 event starts in Friday evening with presenting tens of ideas, then ad-hoc teams are organized and the work starts. 

The grande finale will be on Sunday evening 6pm, when teams show their products and services built during the weekend. Garage48 events take place in Europe and Africa. 

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PS. Garage48 listed all "Estonian Tech Startups" on the virtual Wall of Fame.

Lift99, powered by Garage48 - coworking space in Tallinn, Estonia

Garage48 HUB Tallinn
Lift99 is an exciting co-working & event space in the center of Tallinn for working and getting together. It's Estonian startup community house. Open minded, ambitious and active startup people all around Estonia and world are welcome!

sTARTUp HUB - coworking space in central Tartu, Estonia

sTARTUp HUB coworking space is the heart of sTARTUp HUB business and community centre. HUB is affordable and easily accessible, a great environment to bring together the right people in one place. It is a connecting link between startups, creative and tech people, entrepreneurs and mentors.