MAY, 23RD 2013, 6PM

Hosted by our President Peeter Mark @ his Lohusalu residence. Closed event for members and invited guests only.

FEB, 21ST 2013, 6PM

Topic: How to get into the best startup accelerators 
Hosted by media agency OKIA @ their head quarter in Tallinn
Panel of startups: Techstars - Indrek Narusk/GrabCad, 500startups - Mark Kofmann/Import2, Seedcamp - Tõnis Saag/Sportlyzer, Oxygen Accelerator - Jüri Pruulmann/LogistIT, Startup Chile - Sven Illing/, Startup Wise Guys - Martin Rand/VitalFields)
Panel of accelerators: Laura Reitel/Techstars, Herty Tammo/Startup Wise Guys, Kadri Ugand/GameFounders)
5+5 startup pitches: Marti Soosaar/, Henn Ruukel/Fleep, Raul Leppik/Newbase, Tiit Anmann/Signwise.

JUNE, 12TH 2012, 6PM

Hosted by: Start Wise Guys @ Ülemiste City, Tallinn
  • CEO of ZeroTurnaround
  • Update on Startup Wyse Guys + all teams 1min pitch
  • 5+5 Campalyst
  • 5+5 Marinexplore

NOVEMBER, 10TH 2011, 6PM

Hosted by: Garage48 HUB  @ Lutheri kvartal, Vana-Lõuna 39a-7, Tallinn (Google Maps)
  • Click & Grow update and lessons learned, Mattias Lepp
  • Pipedrive update and lessons learned, Ragnar Sass
  • ESLC President elections 2012

OCTOBER, 12TH 2011, 6PM

Hosted by:  @ Baltika Loomeinkubaator, Veerenni 24


Hosted by: Garage48 HUB @ Lutheri kvartal, Vana-Lõuna 39a-7, Tallinn (Google Maps)

  • Is there room for one more accelerator in Estonia - debate
  • Tõnis Mäe, Startup Estonia
  • Henry Palmer, Startup Garage
  • Raido Pikkar, Tehnopol
  • Jaana Metsamaa, Quotista, Ajujaht finalist
  • Garage48, Hannes Lents
  • Cooperation proposals - Danish CEO club visit to Estonia - Tarvo Tamm, Connect Estonia

Garage48 Tallinn, 15th-17th April 2011

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AUGUST, 11TH 2011, 6PM

Hosted by: Herty @ Kadaka tee 10b, Ilmandu küla
  • Scott Diel: How an Estonian startup can make itself appear trustworthy to English-language target groups? Scott is sharing his experience of working with Estonian start-ups.
  • Erki Lipre: sales in Asia, from Elvior experience.

JULY, 8TH 2011, 6PM

Hosted by: ZeroTurnaround @ Ülikooli 2, Tartu

JUNE, 8TH 2011, 6PM

Hosted by: Hannes Lents @ Garage48 HUB
  • Why and how to apply to world top startup incubators? 

Club members taking part of HUB public event. Real-life experiences is shared by different startups from TechStars, Springboard, Seedcamp, 500startups, Y Combinator and Start-Up Chile.

MAY, 12TH 2011, 6PM

Hosted by: Ajujaht @ Arigato

Club members teking part of Ajujaht gala event. 

APRIL, 14TH 2011, 6PM

Hosted by: Skype @ Akadeemia tee 15b, Tallinn

MARCH, 10TH 2011, 6PM

Hosted by: Garage48 HUB @ Lutheri kvartal, Vana-Lõuna 39a-7, Tallinn (Google Maps)

Garage48 Public Services, Tallinn - 25th-27th of February 2011

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FEBRUARY, 10TH 2011, 6PM

Hosted by: Garage48 HUB @ Lutheri kvartal, Vana-Lõuna 39a-7, Tallinn (Google Maps
  • KPI - key performance indicators - Enn Saar (Microlink/Elion) & Ingvar Kupinski (Deal24)
  • How banks see startups - Art Lukas (Swedbank/INSEAD)
  • GrabCAD about their USA and London experience - Hardy Maybaum
  • Garage48 Helsinki - Garage48 team
  • 5+5 Siim Teller GrabCAD, Defolio, Ahti Heinla, Defolio

January 13th 2011, 6pm

Hosted by: Garage48 HUB @ Lutheri kvartal, Vana-Lõuna 39a-7, Tallinn (Google Maps)


  • Lauri Karp from shares his international sales experience
  • Andrei Korobeinik about his new radio program
  • 5+5 Martin Henk from,, Marko Lehes from Selfdiagnostics

Garage48 Helsinki - 14-16th of January 2011

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December 9th 2010, 6pm

Hosted by: Garage48 HUB @ Lutheri kvartal, Vana-Lõuna 39a-7, Tallinn (Google Maps) Agenda:

November 11th 2010, 6pm

Hosted by: Defendec @ Tehnopol Incubator, Mäealuse 4 Tallinn (Map) Agenda:

October 12th 2010, 6pm

Hosted by: Rando Rannus, SmartAD, Lutheri kvartal, Vana-Lõuna 39-2, Tallinn (Google Maps) Agenda:

September 9th 2010, 6pm

Hosted by: Let's Fox, Lutheri kvartal, Vana-Lõuna 39a-7, Tallinn (Google Maps) Agenda: 

August 27-29th, 2010

Hosted by: Tartu University, see more about Garage48 Tartu

July 10th 2010, 6pm

Hosted by: Asko @ Tartu, Green Garden

June 10th 2010, 6pm

Hosted by: Riina @ Green Garden, BBQ
  • Garage48 Tallinn conclusions
  • Conclusions from Silicon Valley Trip
  • Startups review H1 2010

May 12th 2010, 6pm

Location: Estonian IT College, Raja 4C Tallinn Agenda: projects follow-up review and discussion

Garage48 - 16-18th of April 2010, 6pm

Hosted by: Estonian IT College
Startup boot-camp event to build new startups within 48 hours.
Please read more details from

April 8th, 6pm in Tallinn

Hosted by: Herty @ CPD Arenduskeskus, Pärnu mnt 139E Agenda:

March 11th 2010, 6pm in Tartu

Hosted by in Tartu. Agenda: 
  • Presentation about and by Rain Rannu
  • Gerri Kodres shared his experience from Regio/Reach-U export efforts during last 9 years
  • Marco Protano from USA talked briefly about marketing and personal branding
  • Status-update about startup bootcamp event

February 11th 2010, 6pm

Hosted by Agenda: 

January 14th 2010, 6pm

Hosted by Demokeskus, Lõõtsa 8, Ülemiste City. See event photos Agenda: 

December 3rd 2009, 3pm

Hosted by Tehnopol Agenda: 
  • Go-to-market (abroad) strategy for smaller Estonian and Finnish startups
  • Finnish guests: Petteri Koponen from Lifeline Ventures, Antti Vilipponen -  Founder of ArcticStartup Blog and Kai Lemmetty - Founder of Floobs
  • 5+5 minute introductions: Raoul Järvis (TaxiPal) and Indrek Kask (Biotechnology Entrepreneur)
Follow-up event was ArcticEvening Tallinn at Club Marat

November 12th 2009, 10am

Hosted by: Estonian Development Fund / Arengufond Agenda: Estonian Development Fund venture capital initatives.

October 8th 2009, Thursday 6pm

Hosted by: Alari Aho @ / Lõõtsa 2 in Ülemiste City Agenda: 
  • Company introduction of and Apprise
  • Guest speaker Kristjan Otsmann: time management and how to get things done? 
  • 5+5: Tauno Novek
  • Read more

October 7th 2009, Wednesday

Hosted by: Tehnopol / Restoran Ribe, Vene 7 Tallinn Topic: Dinner with Robert Gaal and Patrick de Laive. Read more

September 30th 2009, 4pm

Location: Toompuiestee 23, Von Stackelberg Hotell Tallinn (Kaval-Antsu talu)
Topic: Seminar about "how to grow startups" in co-operation with Connect Estonia.
Agenda, registration and details from our blog post.

September 10th 2009, 6pm

Hosted by: Tehnopol Incubator Location: Akadeemia tee 19, III floor Agenda: Guest speaker Üllar Jaaksoo, 2 company introductions, Organizational issues, Networking

August 19th 2009, 7pm

Hosted by: Tõnu, Priit and Kajar from Location: Meelva village, Räpina, South-Estonia Agenda: Good food, Smoke sauna and networking

June 11th 2009, 8pm

Hosted by: Priit & Salumaa family, Location: Sepatalu, Tartumaa Agenda: joiner speach - Jaak Vilo Quretec, Jaanus Kivistik RandomConsultblacksmith workshop, CEO recruitment

May 14th 2009, 6pm

Hosted by: Arno, Nordic Sonar
Location: Nordic Sonar (Eliko TAK house), Akadeemia tee 23A Tallinn
Agenda: Nordic Sonar story - how to figure out your exact market segment and commercialize technology

April 16th 2009, 6pm

Hosted by: Martin and Ingvar, VTV (Inkspin1)
Location: VTV, Akadeemia tee 19 Tallinn
Agenda: joiners speach - Heikki Haldre; VTV story, how to outsource development to China, demo

March 12th 2009, 6pm

Hosted by: Ragnar, United Dogs and Cats
Location: United Dogs and Cats, Akadeemia tee 19 Tallinn
Agenda: joiner speach - Alari Aho, Priit Salumaa MobileMonday; UDC story - is there money in portal business

February 12th 2009, 6pm

Hosted by: Kristi, Veiko and Kristjan, Oskando
Location: Oskando, Akadeemia tee 15/1 Tallinn
Agenda: Oskando story - company with package, what makes telematics irresistable for clients, products

January 21st 2009, 6pm

Hosted by: founders initiative group and ASI 
Location: restaurant LeChatieu, Tallinn
Agenda: to discuss aim of club, schedule of events, electing president for first period