Terms to become a new member

  1. On you current startup:
    1. Being a founder & a leader of a startup
    2. At least one year of hands on startup experience 
    3. At least $50K raised OR $20K revenue in the last year OR 20K+ users
    4. Management can make exceptions if they believe the member will contribute to the community despite not fitting the quantitative criteria.
  2. Two recommendations from existing SLC members 
  3. You have to have something to offer to other members and to share the club goals. It's not an elementary school for first time startup leaders (we recommend to join some incubator program if this is what you need). It's also not an association of companies. The club is about building close relations between Estonian startup leaders for starting new startups or growing excising ones via connections, knowledge and information shared. 
  4. Please contact one of current board members and introduce yourself or send an e-mail to  startupleadersclub@gmail.com. The board members meet you and have a chat with you. 
  5. The Board might ask You participate on next event and introduce you to other club members shortly (5 min introduction).
  6. If the Board has accepted your application, you have one year of free ride. Next year you have to pay annual membership fee 30 EUR according to invoice issued  by club.
The members will be excluded from the club by the President and Board decision if he/she has not:
  1. Participated in club activities for a while
  2. Paid annual membership fee for announced deadline